Trees are beautiful and powerful plants, which in the past were considered as a home of the gods. They show the connection of the spirit, nature and the afterlife (they take roots in the soil, and their leaves reach the sky). This is why since ancient times trees symbolize human’s life. People eagerly look for similarities to trees and worship them. Not surprisingly, the trees often appear in horoscopes and people’s night fantasies.

A dream, in which you see a lonely tree, is an expression of the state of your physical and mental balance. If it is nice, healthy, young or flowering, this dream has positive significance and reflects the good condition of the dreamer. Withered or dying tree without leaves means a deterioration of health; a disease.

Interpretations of dreams about trees are varied, because they also depend on the specific situation and on the plant species. All meanings were gathered in one entry! The entry also refers to the Gallic horoscope, which shows the similarity of people and trees.


Each tree has its symbolism, which can be applied to nature and human life. Here is how you should interpret the dreams with different types of trees.


The tree, which is known for its more than 1,000 species, occur in the tropical and subtropical area around the world, mainly in Africa. Acacia represents communication, intellect, creativity. It can mean success for people involved in broadly defined art, students or pupils.

Apple tree

An apple tree is a tree symbolizing youth, beauty, fertility, abundance, wisdom and love. The appearance of apple trees in the nocturnal fantasies is an excellent omen, reflecting the pursuit of the goal and entering favorable relations in life.

Fruits of apple trees can often occur in people's dreams. Eating tasty apples announces luck (e.g. A happy marriage), but if the fruits are wormy, tasteless or poisoned, it is of course a negative sign, announcing parting and sorrow.


Beech is a tree that is associated with strength, confidence and serenity. This may reflect a man with leadership skills; a person stepping firmly on the ground. For a woman the dream of beech may herald meeting a partner who will be a great help for her.


Birch identifies pure and natural life, beauty, femininity and love. The presence of this a tree in a dream is a very good sign for the man. It heralds meeting his dreamed partner, and if the dreamer is in a relationship, it reflects a successful sex life. The exceptions are dreams in which birch is deformed, sick, and leafless - for a man it is an expression of the current psychophysical state of a woman close to him.


Cedar is a tree symbolizing strength, resilience, power and strength. For the sick the appearance of the plant is a harbinger of returning to full strength. Healthy people may in turn receive cedar as a symbol of dealing effectively with problems. It may also be the announcement of a meeting with someone famous.


It is a tree dedicated to the Greek god of wild nature, vine and wine and debauchery - Dionysus. The plant represents fertility, eroticism, abundance, femininity, passion, so the dream in which it appears has a purely sexual meaning. In Christianity, the fig tree is a symbol of sinful lust and promiscuity.


A fir in a dream is a prelude to improving your life or health situation, means joy, energy, hope and optimism. The tree also symbolizes sexual potency.

Seeing a fir is the announcement of silent happiness. Once in a dream, our attention is drawn by cones growing on the fir, it means for us a pleasant surprise. If the cones are found under the tree, then it is a sign that in our lives, fortune will play an important role, fortunately, in a positive sense.


Hornbeam is a tree associated with strength, endurance and the adoptive skills. This may reflect a person with a strong character, introverted, walking their own paths.


A linden is a tree that promises rest, time spent in good company. This is a very positive sign for people who are looking for inspiration, beauty and inner peace. The sound of the linden announces important news.


A maple identifies inner peace, harmony and pleasant life.


A mulberry tree is a plant that means the need to be patient and hard-working. The dreamer should remember that only through persistence and systematic development they will be able to build the foundation for success in life.


Oak is a symbol of masculinity, strength, courage and wisdom. Seeimg oak tree in nocturnal fantasies is a prelude, or a reflection of well-being and self-confidence. Sometimes dream of the oak equates with male authority (e.g. a father, grandfather or brother). The bigger and more beautiful tree is the better for the dreamer.

If the tree is not in the best condition, the dream carries a negative message - health problems, weakness or loss of authority. Seeing a dead oak heralds parting with relatives or friends, and in extreme cases even their death. Some people have dreams in which they hide from the storm under a tree. If it is the oak, it is a sign that they’ll come out unscathed from the oppression that they met or will meet. Even when the weather is sunny, sitting under an oak tree stands for protection from evil; in this case, you can count on a devoted friend.

According to Old Polish Dream Book view of the oak in a dream promises benefits and richness, while withered one is an expression of sad relations. Cutting the oak down is a symbol of courage and valor.


This exotic tree for Poles represents the most often luxury, wealth or rest a warmer climate.

Pear tree

The tree or its fruit is associated with harmony, vitality, femininity and abundance. It can also be a symbol of an open, social and friendly woman. Pear tree is a symbol of the sex life, but it can also reflect regular relationships. Its symbolism is almost identical to meaning of an apple tree in a dream.


A beautiful pine tree is associated with mysticism and inspiration. In a dream it often expresses detachment from reality and journey toward spiritual values, deeper reflection on your own life. Pine is a good sign for sensitive people, priests, clergy, philosophers and religious people. For others it may be an attempt to draw attention to the spiritual world.

The pine is also a sign informing that the dreamer has devoted and faithful friends.

Poplar tree

Dreams, where the main motive is a poplar tree, mean following the right path or the announcement of entering it. The poplar tree also symbolizes the connection of opposites; duality. Besides it has a strong link with the world of magic and the dead. It can also mean pain and wisdom and at times war.


A spruce is a tree identified with strength and perseverance.


A willow is not a very merry tree, associate rather with sorrow, suffering and melancholy. A dream in which there is this species of tree may be associated with depression and the need for support, breakup or addiction to alcohol. A willow over the water represents melancholy days; a weeping willow means mourning in the family.

Fortunately the willow has also a favorable symbolism relating to magic, rebirth from a seemingly hopeless situation. A willow in a dream can be a sign that not everything is lost yet and you ought not to give up so quickly.


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