Running in a dream is a very interesting phenomenon that can be interpreted in many ways. Whether the meaning is negative or positive depends mainly on the attitude of the dreamer to his/her life.

If you run in a good mood and look forward to the surrounding landscape, it heralds luck. This vision reflects well on the psychophysical state of the dreamer. However, running aimlessly - may symbolize the monotony and lack of prospects. The situation is worse when you are running away from something. It is a symbol of fear in real life, which for some important reason haunts your mind. A person who has many such dreams, must reflect on his/her own life - what is he/she afraid of?, from whom or what is he/she running away. Not diagnosing the problem is the most important but finding its solution.

Running in slow motion is an interesting phenomenon that meets a lot of people. It is usually not well connoted. It means escaping from something important to do or helplessness. The dreamer is moving unusually slowly even if he/she would like to speed up. Lack of control over the body is the cause of fear, which makes some unidentified threat even bigger. The threat may be some person, an animal or a monster. What does that kind of dream mean? Usually it is all about making important decisions or an important moment in your life. This may be a job change, end of a relationship, illness or a far and long trip. You must simply discover the cause of your anxiety then it will be easier to get rid of it.

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