The kitchen is one of the most important places in every home, which in dreams symbolizes the human psyche. It is an essential room for this reason that you prepare and eat meals there, invite friends for a coffee or read the morning paper. The kitchen symbolizes so the warmth and comfort of home, family atmosphere, spiritual nourishment, and is associated with the process of creating tasty things. The dream therefore is a good sign unless some elements interfere with the positive aura of the kitchen, for example, cold, dirt, strangers, or spoiled food.

Detailed meaning of the dream:


As the kitchen appliance it refers to your psyche and cool neutral feelings. A defrosted fridge in the dream, in turn, means the opposite - released emotions, or the disclosure of some secret.

Frozen food in the refrigerator suggests the dreamer that they are in the blind spot of their lives. Stagnation and blocked energy causes that the unfulfilled dreams and postponed plans are becoming more and more real. Let's move forward and make up for lost time.

A fridge in the dream may mean that you’ll act inappropriately against someone who does not quite deserve it.


Dishes in the dream are associated with emotions, giving, and meeting the needs. Therefore full dishes symbolize abundance and fulfillment. On the other hand, empty dishes mean of course the opposite.

If the dishes are full it is worth to take a look at what's in them: food, blood or maybe a poison. Then, of course, you should look an interpretation of a particular substance out in our dream book.

According to Freud, a dish is a feminine symbol representing the uterus.


A dream of the chef is usually explained in two ways: happiness or expenses. In a positive sense it may mean a good guardian or host, someone who takes care of their family well. In the negative sense chef symbolizes hard work for low wages or upcoming expenses.


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