A kiss is one of the nicest gestures you can give to another person. It expresses recognition, passion, affection, closeness, or concern, so you often kiss people who are exceptional and close to you. It is therefore worth probing whether kissing in dreams reflects the positive aspects of human life.

The symbolism of the kiss is very rich, and the gesture reflects different feelings. You can distinguish kisses associated with showing respect and love to parents, seniors or family members. In many cultures, the kiss is simply a way of greeting or saying goodbye. Definitely a more intimate form of contact is the kiss of two people in love, reflecting romantic feelings, passion and lust. In fairy tales, the kiss usually has a magical power that restores the enchanted person, such as a prince converted to a frog or a monster, to their previous, non-magical form. The interpretation of dreams, in which the main motive is kissing, depends to a great extent on the type of kiss and the person / people in them.

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