Teeth are one of the most popular and at the same time the most sinister dream symbols. Already the ancient Greeks claimed that the dream about falling teeth foretells death. Although many years have passed since then, and these beliefs have been undermined, many people still treat the dream about teeth as a harbinger of serious trouble. Teeth, however, have a much wider symbolism, which is presented below in this dream book.

Healthy teeth

Rotten teeth

Teeth falling out


Toothache in real life is a real nightmare you would not even wish your enemy. Interestingly, the dream about aching teeth in many dream books is translated as a good run of luck in life; you will be respected by people.

Biting / baring teeth

The dream expresses suppressed aggression, anger and violence, so after such a nightmare one should expect stressful situations in their lives.

In some situations, biting expresses an act of love and sensuality.

Brushing teeth


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