The cross is among the oldest religious symbols; therefore, it is ubiquitous in today's world. It can be seen not only in churches but also in national flags, coats of arms, military decorations, or logos of various organizations and institutions (e.g. Red Cross). This is the proof that this sign, shape or object has a unique symbolism. That object reflects the intertwining of heaven and earth, femininity and masculinity, or matter and spirit. The four arms of the cross represent the four winds, the four elements and the four seasons.

For Christians the cross is of particular importance. It is a symbol of sacrifice, love, suffering, blessing, protection against evil, and victory over death. Explanations how to interpret the dream should be looked for in the dreamers faith. If you belong to the pious people, the cross reflects the suffering that you experience in real life. The dream suggests that you need liberation, moving forward, and strength and courage to make important decisions.

Some items, such as an anchor or a forked tree in many cases, should be perceived as a symbol of the cross.

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