Road signs

For the interpretation of the dream, a basic knowledge of road signs will be useful. Traffic signs have warning or informational functions, therefore in these categories the dream should be treated as a clue for life.

Warning signs, as the name suggests, are a warning to the dreamer. The characteristic yellow background in a dream should also keep the dreamer alert. The prohibition signs inform the dreamer to keep their impulses in check and resist temptation. An immoral or even dishonest behavior can bring them trouble. The mandatory signs are in turn an incentive to make decisions and implement plans more boldly.

The world of road signs is quite rich when it comes to symbols. There may be many different symbols on the signs, such as a man, an animal, a train, a hospital, an avalanche, a bicycle or colors, and they all have a complex meaning. It is worth checking individual entries.

Much depends on the personal interpretation of the dreamer, since most of the signs refer to some matters in their lives. Fortunately for a person who knows the meaning of road signs, it will not be difficult.

Stop sign

It is easy to explain the meaning of this sign. STOP means that you should stay longer on some matter, think carefully before moving forward. The dream may also be a signal that you should respond to some thing and say "stop".

Speed limit signs

A warning that should be treated as an allusion to the lack of control or a too chaotic and risky lifestyle. The dreamer should slow down a bit, because it is not difficult to have an accident.

No U-turn

It means is not worth retreating from the decision already taken or the goal chosen.


A dream with a traffic sign informing about a detour means that you have to look for an alternative solution to a problem / task, even if you have to put in it a lot more effort.

Animal warning signs

A dream with signs informing about animals suggests to take better care of relatives. It is also worth checking the meaning of individual entries about animal in this dream book.

Direction and city signs

Signs that indicate the distance to a given city or object may indirectly relate to the pace at which you are approaching your goals.

Traffic lights in a dream have almost the same meaning as in reality. Red is a warning to stop yourself from acting; yellow suggests caution. When the lights are green, you should finally make a decision.

Road signs

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