The word "priest" formerly determined the tribal chief and affluent and influential people, but today it is a Christian priest. It is worth to admit that he is still a very important person, with whom not only the faithful people but also the authorities recon. For many people, his words are a clue how to live and act, so the dream can be very important for them.

For those who believe in God, trying to follow the Ten Commandments, the dream is probably a reference to the spiritual needs, conscience, or professed ethical principles. The priest as an authority may, for example, give you advice and guidance for the spiritual development or warn against errors. Much depends on his face in a dream:

For singles the priest bodes success in love, and perhaps even marriage. Other positive explanation of the dream with the priest points to a long and peaceful life.

People, who always perceive a priest in a dream as something positive, are mistaken. Many dream books consider the appearance of a priest in subconsciousness as a symbol of sickness, sorrow, remorse, or betrayal. A lot about the meaning of the dream will tell you the face of the priest, his attitude towards your person, and his intentions.

Other meaning:

The preacher


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