A dog is called man's best friend, not only because it was the first domesticated animal. The dog is able to repay a good owner with loyalty, love, care, protection, and guidance. In human dreams these sympathetic pets appear very often, but because of the diversity of breeds and characters of these animals there is no way to indicate one general meaning of such dream. However, you can assume that dogs, which appear in a positive context, symbolize a faithful friend, life partner, or encourage you to follow your intuition and hunch in some cases. If the dream about a dog is disturbing, then it may be related to the naivety, betrayal, low or animal instincts, brutality, and ruthlessness.

Dreams about your own pet should be explained separately, due to the fact that you have great sympathy for it, and spend a lot of time with the one. Therefore, it is natural they appear in your nightly fantasies.

Depending on the breed, appearance and attitude of the dog, dreams have very different meanings. Here are most of them:


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