The mud in a dream can have a double meaning because it is not only a symbol of moral and spiritual filth but also cleansing. Since time immemorial mud is used as a cosmetic nourishing body and hair.

A dream about mud symbolizes in the negative meaning the difficulties, worries, burdens encountered by the man every day. It is also associated with the darker side of man’s character - the greed and dishonest desire to achieve material stability, its consequence may be the inner restlessness mentioned earlier. You should think whether clawing your way to ensure the happiness is worth it to enrich yourself dishonestly. This is a warning that your conscience can feel the negative effects of the demeanour for a long time. Sigmund Freud clearly identified the mud with shame, embarrassment and dirt.

Nightmares about mud may be a reference to the popular saying "sling mud at somebody" - if in a dream a man is in such a situation, it soon may cause a scandal connected with his behaviour. The consequence may be problems at work or in a relationship with a close person. For example if someone was unfaithful, he might be exposed after such a dream.

Mud has for many years been a valuable cosmetic clearing the body and hair, so it also means healing powers and a substance that produces a new life. Fantasies, in which the dreamer is applying kaolin, which has large medicinal properties, promises to strengthen the body, good physical condition and recovery.

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