The dream about the swamp is certainly a cause for concern. The situation in which you got stuck in the swamp is very dangerous, especially when you cannot get out of it.

The dream tells us that its protagonist lacks perspectives and solutions for the future. Difficult and complicated situation in life is that swamp, which slides the dreamer. This can be an important issue at work, the relationship with your loved ones or falling into addiction. A guide is within sight of the dreamer, but it must be carefully interpreted. Caution and acumen in decision-making is advised. Helplessness and inability to get out of the slough is a serious warning to re-evaluate your life and make decisions while you still have time for it. The dream may also express a concern that you will be possessed by your temptations and passions, which you will not be able to control.

The marsh seen with hindsight means only a warning against getting yourself into the shady deals or business. It is also a reference to the unctuous people who like the mars are very treacherous and dangerous. Walking in the marshy areas in a dream is generally explained in this way.

If you see other people walking through swamps, then it may symbolize avoiding an unpleasant or dangerous situation. The marsh covered with grass has the optimistic tenor.


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