A dream in which you see the dust is probably sad, depressing and reflects the lack of the joy of life. It is difficult to find any advantages for the dust. It is created from the powdered particles of different bodies, sand or earth. It is harmful to health, and that makes everything around is bleak and gray. Such a nightmare should be taken seriously, especially if you have depression. Dust as dirt also has strong connotations with immoral behavior, remorse, and lack of morality. All this may partly affect the poor psychophysical state of the dreamer. How can you get back on track? You should look at the other people who were struggling with various problems, had a crisis and returned to good shape. A good model is Niko Vujacic, who was born without arms and legs, and yet, thanks to the determination and strong will has been a respected speaker, has a beautiful wife and children.

The dream about dust can, fortunately, have positive meaning. It includes, of course, dusting furniture, household appliances and clothes. The symbolism of this action is clear. It is the cleansing of your mind, or finding the solution to a problem that is troubling you.

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