There are few moments in life more pleasant than seeing or holding a newborn child. This small, helpless and innocent human awakes only love, joy and positive emotions in the heart. The dream about the infant is a very favorable omen, associated with the birth of new ideas and opportunities, fulfillment and overall family happiness.

This dream should be perceived optimistically in almost any situation: when the baby is sleeping, playing, smiling or trying to walk. Even the crying or fussy baby is not a reason to worry. You simply have to prepare mentally for some hard but very joyful and creative times.

If the circumstances of the dream are disturbing for some reason, then it is worth considering what in your life requires a change or reaction. The newborn in a negative sense can symbolize immaturity, and emerging ideas and projects that are nipped in the bud. If there is a sick infant in your dream, it unfortunately bodes health problems in your family.

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