Birth is a typical dream for women, especially those who are really pregnant. Although this is a great happiness and blessing, it is natural that the girl also experiences fear and anxiety associated with this condition. There may also be dreams about giving birth not only to children but also to animals, mutants or even objects. Such visions are the natural anxiety dreams associated with pregnancy. Interestingly, similar nightmares may also come to the future father.

For those who are not expecting children, the dream about the birth of the baby heralds new opportunities, the rebirth of the self, the birth of a new idea. If you have dreamed of the birth of your child, the effect of these efforts is of great importance. If a newborn baby is healthy, it should be perceived as a good omen in business or personal life. On the other hand, when a child is sick or the fetus is dead, it should be associated with illness and mourning.

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