An egg is one of the oldest symbols appearing in human dreams. Ancient peoples believed that the universe is a huge egg created by God. Slavs saw the egg as a symbol of fertility, new life, the original space, resurrection and as an amulet to protect against evil. A dream about the egg may reflect really important events in the life of the dreamer, even the imminent birth of the child. The egg is the embryo of life for birds, reptiles and fish, so it also expresses the beginning of all things.

If you look at the egg, it is always associated it with something positive. Diverging from religious and cultural connotations, it is the delicacy of millions of people around the world and a rich source of nutrients.

Unfortunately not every dream about an egg can be seen in a positive way, especially when it is spoiled, rotten, disgusting or broken. The nightmare may herald failure, fall, disappointment and even miscarriage. Similar meaning of the dream is when someone is throwing eggs at you.

How should you understand particular dreams about eggs?

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