Color green

The color is associated with lush vegetation, nature, peace, freshness, balance and abundance. Green field, grass and other plants indicate prosperity, success in professional matters. Green also means hope, health and regeneration. In the dream it may herald good feeling. In many cultures, green is associated with paradise or the Great Mother.

Green as a traffic light means free way. The dream about a green traffic light may mean that it's the best time to make some important decisions.

Negative symbolism of green is associated with immaturity, which in a dream may be represented by green fruit.

This color may also mean either rotting or decay. In the Middle Ages the color green symbolized evil, and was associated with Satan. Some meanings of green survived to this day. For example, bright green is associated with poison, and pale one with the disease.

How to interpret dreams of green? If you see an emerald color indicates a positive sequence of events. Darkened or subdued colors reflect the destruction and negative emotions.

Color green

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