Color yellow

The color yellow is associated with communication, light, heat, and activity. Whereas in nature the color yellow is seen as a universal warning signal, so the dreamer's dream may be a warning against a hazard or illustrate their fears and concerns. The information may come, for example, in the form of warning signs that have a yellow background. Yellow formerly was associated with falsehood, betrayal, and lack of morality. In paintings the character of Judas was presented in yellow robes, and in Italy yellow tint was assigned to prostitutes.


Yellow is often associated with the desire of development, learning about yourself and the world around you. Such an interpretation of a dream can especially be indicated by yellow objects.


Yellow color may appear in a dream in the form of fire, and its symbolism depends on the type of the dream. Friendly harmless fire reflects enlightenment, passion, knowledge and warmth and comfort of home (especially if you see the fire in the fireplace or stove). Destructive flames of immense power indicate problems with controlling emotions or some danger.

Color yellow

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