The symbolism of clothes in dreams is very rich, because there are at least a dozen different pieces of clothing. What's more material, color or cut are also important. In this dream book, possibly most general interpretation of the dream about clothes will be presented, whereas the exact meaning of the trousers, blouse, hat or underwear in a dream can be found in individual entries.

Worn clothes usually represent your current well-being, emotions, worries and joy. According to the saying "fine feathers make fine birds" a dream about clothes may refer to an opinion about you in society or suggest (according to the saying "clothes do not make the man") that you judge others by appearance, instead of their deeds and character.

Detailed meaning:

Particular clothes:

In the case of individual garments, one should be guided by the general interpretation of the dream about clothes - so if the skirt, underwear or shirt makes you feel good, and the clothes are in good condition (clean, comfortable, nice), then the dream is a positive sign. Damaged and dirty clothes signal trouble. Here the relation between particular clothes and spheres of life is presented.


The hat is associated with the person's psycho-spiritual sphere; it represents one’s views, intellectual abilities and ideas. If the hat is new and comfortable, then the dream means getting recognition and respect. When the headgear is old and worn, the dreamer will experience large expenses and make missed decisions. The hat can also represent an attempt to hide real feelings, or be a signal to organize your chaotic thoughts and ideas into one whole. Changing your hat means you'll get new ideas about old things.


The dream about a new cap heralds surprising changes. An old and destroyed one signals that you should initiate certain actions yourself.


The uniform in a dream suggests that you need more self-discipline in life. Seeing the uniform can also mean that you will be popular with the opposite sex and enjoy respect in society.


The blouse reflects the personality of a woman emphasizing her delicacy, sensitivity or professionalism.


The dress is a universal symbol of femininity, which is why the dream about it comes first of all to the ladies. A beautiful dress foretells happiness in love, or a successful fulfillment as a wife or mother. A torn, worn dress signals emotional problems and unpleasantness.


A neat and clean shirt symbolizes harmony, success in business and emotional life in the dreamer's life. A dirty and torn one, however, signals poverty, illness or wrong path to the goal.


Trousers are a masculine symbol, therefore for a woman may mean taking over a typically male role in life or becoming too much like a man. For men, comfortable and nice pants portend prosperity, successful business, and making their dreams come true.


Underwear represents matters related to the intimate sphere. Panties in a dream are a warning against immoral behavior, while bra refers to bedroom matters.


Wearing comfortable and nice shoes reflects your success in achieving your career goals. Uncomfortable or worn shoes signal poverty, problems with adapting to the rules.


The garment, which is used to insulate or protect your hands, has a very interesting symbolism in dreams, concerning socio-cultural relations.


If a woman dreams about an apron, the dream may mean the need to pay more attention to family matters. For a man it will most probably be the symbol of submission.


Stockings or fishnet stockings are seen as a type of a net that can be both a trap and a symbol of combining several elements into a coherent whole. For women, they are usually associated with heart affairs. Beautiful, comfortable stockings symbolize a successful relationship with a partner, but torn, too tight or dirty ones indicate difficulties. In this context, new stockings can mean a new partner or signal the desire to create an intimate relationship, while black stockings mean parting.
For men, stockings have a strongly erotic dimension, emphasize women’s sex appeal and increase lust. If, however, the boy dreams that he is wearing stockings, it means he should get more masculine.


A raincoat protects against the flood of negative emotions, warns to keep common sense in a difficult moment. A king’s coat is in turn the symbol of power and domination. The coat can also symbolize the desire to hide something.


A suit seen in a dream is the symbol of financial success, career development or fame. The new suit symbolizes plans and challenges. An old, worn out suit shows the attachment to traditions and principles, memory of the past.


Fur is the symbol of wealth which was probably gained by the suffering of someone innocent.


A fan reflects the vanity of the dreamer.


Ribbons symbolize changes.

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