What is most interesting in the interpretation of dreams? It’s searching for the meaning of an entry and an attempt to fit it reasonably to one's life. So it is with the blood that appears in a nightmare. Blood is most commonly associated with injury, wound or death. However, it is the essence of life, the seat of the soul, and enables the proper functioning of the body. It is therefore difficult to show one general meaning of such a dream, but you can check different keys of interpretation.

Blood as:

It is worth noting that the red color symbolizes aggression, energy and the sex drive.

Detailed meaning of the dream:

Blood pressure

A dream in which you make a blood pressure test suggests you have a stressful problem. If the pressure is too low, then it means that you lack energy and activity in real life. Blood pressure may also point to poor health condition and the need to visit the doctor.


A nightmare in which you're not able to stop the bleeding, indicates the loss of energy and confidence and bad time in your life. It is worth checking in this dream book what the symbolism of particular body parts is. This will certainly make it easier to explain the meaning of hemorrhage.


A dream about blood transfusion suggests the lethargy of the dreamer, the lack of inspiration, motivation and spontaneity in everyday life. The dreamer should as soon as possible find a way to revitalize their lives.


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