If you ask women about shoes, then surely most of them would deliver real disquisition on them. But not only the fair sex is dependent on the purchase of shoes - it's one of the most important pieces of clothing. Everyone probably admits that walking barefoot would be quite awkward. However, shoes are much more than some object with a sole. It is no exaggeration to say that shoes say a lot about the character of the person. It is similar in dreams; their symbolism may concern both professional and personal life.

First of all, you must specify the basic use of shoes, that is, the ability to walk down the street, among other people. This is a clear reference to the position in society - the dreamer is a part of it, maybe even plays the important role. It all boils down to the shoes - if they are comfortable. If this is so, then it could mean that you feel well in your environment, and things go your way. Tight shoes in a dream symbolize the exact opposite that means lack of adaptability, and negative attitude to the world around you. On the other hand, too big shoes mean that the dreamer bites more than he can chew and tries to run before he can walk. Perhaps the position, which he applies for is beyond his capabilities, or intends to make uneconomic investment.

Unfashionable shoes are a symbol of unfulfilled career hopes - a learned profession or the one that you want to do, is poorly valued in society and considered useless. This dream can happen to dreamers who hope to be music stars or buy a villa by the lake. Unfortunately nothing indicates it may happen. Sometimes the dream of unfashionable shoes may be the result of young people’s doubts, especially in a country like Poland, where the studies do not guarantee work or proper earnings. Old and worn shoes are a sign of incoming failure.

If you dream that you're walking barefoot, then it is a warning sign that you may have financial problems. It is difficult to be in a good position if you cannot afford even such basic things like shoes. You should also keep in mind a dream in which you see black shoes. It is a warning. Something may affect your health or someone may cheat you. Soaked sneakers or trainers are often the cause of the disease. The dream with wet shoes should be interpreted in such a way. You should make an appointment to the doctor, even just for a simple examination.

When the shoes in the dream are odd, it means adultery and is a kind of warning. Finding a lost shoe heralds a new acquaintance. If it is undamaged, it may turn into a friendship or even love. However, if the shoe is torn, the person you met will not meet your expectations.

There are many types of footwear. Each of them has its general symbolism. For example, slippers or flip-flops are associated with laziness, comfort and lack of activity. Trainers suggest you should put more emphasis on physical exercise. Women's shoes and high heels can have an erotic subtext. Heels in a dream are often associated with sexual fantasy (men’s dreams), or fantasies of higher social status and self-esteem (women’s dream).

It is difficult to explain a dream in which a man is wearing women's high-heeled shoes. It ought to be associated with loss of manhood, embarrassment and total ridicule. A boot bodes difficult path to the goal.

What about buying shoes? After all, each of us has at least a few pairs. The dream, in which a woman buys shoes and do not have to pay for it, is one of the most pleasant fantasies. Joking aside, this dream means usually making a promise. New shoes in a dream are equated with traveling. It's a great opportunity to see how the shoes perform. However, when instead of buying, you get rid of the shoes; it heralds a misunderstanding and problems in your life.

Some people dream that they wear other people's shoes. This may reflect a situation in which they identify themselves with the attitudes and beliefs of other people, and that they lack their own opinion.

Dream of cleaning shoes can have a double meaning. If you clean your shoes, you should be happy, because you will earn you some cash in the near future. But when you clean people's shoes, it bodes so-called groveling. Associating the dream with a shoeshine boy isn’t coincidental. The dreamer must reckon with humiliation.


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