Nudity in a dream may have many forms as it may appear as an element of pleasant sexual fantasy, but also as the cause of your failure or embarrassment. Of great importance is whether or not you are ashamed of your nakedness, or perhaps you feel some kind of pride or pleasure. We encourage you to check the interpretation of dreams, in which the main motif are naked people.

The dreamer is naked:

Fear of embarrassment

A nightmare, after which you wake up sweaty, does not necessarily relate to the monsters, death, or falling into the abyss. You may simply find yourself naked in a church, school or work. If you dream that you are without clothes in a public place and feel ashamed, it is associated with the fear of embarrassment, criticism or evaluation by others. The dream can come, for example, to people who are very afraid that someone will know their shameful carefully hidden secret.

Warning against causing a scandal

A dream where you are walking or standing naked among dressed people is a warning against causing a moral a scandal. Especially a young girl should take the warning seriously.


This symbol particularly relates to people who undergo a difficult period in their lives because of parting with a partner, divorce, or partner’s death.

The desire to shock others

Nowadays nudity is no longer such a taboo as several years ago, but it still causes strong emotions or moral scandals. The dream can, in this context, come to people who like to be in the center of attention.

The dreamer sees a naked person:


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