A mountain is a symbol referring in the first place to the achievement of goals. The way to the top shows the difficulties you will have to face and overcome to come out on top. The lack of any obstacles may suggest that you’ll easily scale the heights. The dreamer should pay attention to weather conditions, obstacles, companions and his mood. Climbing to the top is a common element of fairy tales or myths and therefore the dream refers to intellectual and spiritual realm, mental and spiritual experiences.
Many dream books show the mountain in the context of a man and woman. Climbing to the top is a symbol of masculinity, rational thinking and courage. The spirit at the top of the mountain is the God himself, the Divine Masculinity, the Father. Descending from the top is, however, an attribute of the feminine side of nature. It is a reference to the return to feelings, inner transformation. Entering deeply into the mountain is associated with the Divine Femininity and feminine realm.

The detailed meaning of the dream:

Hill/ Knoll

The symbolism of a small hill is similar to the symbolism of the mountain. It differs most of all by scale. The stated goal is much easier to be reached. It is often a further step to the goal. Climbing a hill means the completion of the tasks, whereas ineffective climbing spells failure.

The hill may also symbolize the feminine curves; this is why for men it would sometimes be an expression of libido and erotic desires.


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