School in the life of each of us plays an important role, because we get there valuable knowledge about ourselves and the world, we learn to function in a group and are subjected to numerous tests, not only by teachers. The lessons fill almost the entire period of childhood and puberty; hence the school is associated with many memories. Dreams about school combine everything together “giving lessons” that can be useful in life. Here's how to interpret individual dream visions - when you're at a lesson, get grades, write a test, cheat or cut classes.

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Here are the suggestions for interpretation of dreams on specific subjects.


A dream about English indicates that more attention should be paid to the correct spelling and way of speaking, increasing eloquence. For those who do not read books, it is a signal to make up for shameful gaps as soon as possible.


A history lesson can have a literal and metaphorical meaning. In the first case, the dream indicates the need to become familiar with the history of your own country, the names of its heroes fighting for the independence, or its great explorers. A metaphorical meaning of the dream about a history lesson is a tip to learn from your mistakes, to draw conclusions from the past because history repeats itself.


Dreaming about a math lesson means that you will soon get rich. However, if you cannot solve any equation, then it can signal problems with finances and bills to pay.

Foreign language

When you learn the foreign language like French or German, it is an encouragement to learn at least one of them in real life. Alternatively, a dream about a foreign language lesson may suggest treating other people's views with respect.


A dream about a music lesson, the view of treble clefs and written notes in a notebook may indicate inner harmony, or the ability to listen to other people.


A dream about a geography lesson encourages more frequent trips - it does not necessarily have to be Egypt or Paris. Many interesting monuments and places are also located near your place of residence, and such a trip does not require many financial resources.


Chemistry clearly refers to relationships with colleagues, family, and partner. The dream can emphasize the proper relations with the environment, but may also point to a toxic relationship.


In this case, you do not have to be a genius to know that the dream refers to your physical activity. So if you neglect your daily gymnastics or do not play any sport, the dream suggests that it has to be changed as soon as possible.

Educational hour

The lesson may refer to dubious situations in your life related to morality, improper behavior or actions. For people who have children, the dream may suggest that they should not neglect raising their children.


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