For many people, the exam is equivalent to tremendous stress and responsibility, which is why students, high school graduates or people sitting the examination for a driving license should understand the dream as a natural reflection of excitement of the upcoming test. However, it may be interpreted by the inverted key:

Conclusion: in the first case there is no need to panic. However, if you pass the exam in a dream easily, it is better revise one more time.

Dreams about exams for people that don’t have to sit any test have a different meaning . An exam is a reference to your life, to different situations in which you need to prove your worth. This may be a new job, a debut in the role of a father or a mother or the need to solve a conflict. In this case, the interpretation of the dream depends only on the well-being of the dreamer. If you feel confident, you believe in your abilities, then the exam should be treated as a willingness to pick up the gauntlet. An exam must then be perceived as a positive sign concerning the trials of life which lets you move forward. When the dreamer has a different feeling, the dream is a symbol of the fear of the need to assess your skills and being evaluated by other people.

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