Dreams, in which the motive is urination, are quite common. This is due to the fact that urination is one of the main physiological needs of man. There are three main ways of interpretation of dreams about urine.

As a process of purification

Urination is a physiological need, the satisfaction associated with relief. So can be interpreted dreams about pissing. You free yourself from tension, stress, bad memories, negative emotions which you cannot control anymore. But if you cannot pee in a dream, it's a symbol of emotional problems in your psyche.

Expressing feelings

Everyone knows such phrases as "to piss on something" or "I pee on it", which mean “to blow something off” or “to shit on something.” It is a clear-cut definition of irreverent relation to some matter or person. Many dreams about pissing can simply be added to this group, as a symbol of expressing feelings and opinions.

A dream, in which you pee a lot, heralds the burst of emotions in real life. If you cannot control the flow or urine is hot, then it's a reference to the lack of control over these emotions and feelings.

If someone is peeing in front of you or on you, then in real life, this person will reveal their true feelings towards you.

The real need

The simplest explanation may sometimes be the best. A dream in which you want to pee, but you can not find the toilet simply reflects the real need to urinate. Sometimes this type of dream is explained as an urgent problem that must be solved as soon as possible.

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