Getting lost

In a nightmare in which you wander and you cannot reach your destination, you are most often accompanied by feelings of helplessness, confusion, frustration and fear. According to dream research specialists, this vision reflects real-life events. The dream about getting lost is a signal that you lack control, you have come down the right path or you cannot adapt to the reality that surrounds you.

It is worth considering whether this interpretation also applies to your life, for example, to the doubts related to the choice of partner, professional matters, the school or change of place of residence.

A dream in which you manage to find your way and reach your goal should be seen in this context as a solution to problems or a way out of life's twists and turns. If it is different and you have no idea how to organize your life, it is worth looking for help from your family, a priest or a specialist.

According to Sigmund Freud, the dream about getting lost reflects the fear of infertility, and in the case of men also of impotence.

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If you cannot find a way or got lost:

Getting lost

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